1 Hazard Level

Click on a level below to see descriptions and determine your workplace hazard level.


2 Travel Time to a Health Care Facility

There are three categories for travel time in the Occupational Health and Safety Code:

Each is based on the amount of travel time under normal travel conditions from the work site to a health care facility. Health care facility means a hospital, medical clinic or physician’s office that can dispense emergency medical treatment during the time the workers are at the work site.

  • a. Close Work Site - a work site that is not more than 20 minutes of travel time.
  • b. Distant Work Site - a work site that is between 20 and 40 minutes of travel time.
  • c. Isolated Work Site - a work site that is more than 40 minutes of travel time.

We recommend using Google Maps Directions to determine average travel time from your work site to a hospital with an emergency room.

3 Number of Workers Per Shift

This means the total number of employees at the work site per shift at any given time.

  • 1 Hazard level
  • 2 Travel Time
  • 3 Employees

These numbers reflect minimum OHS First Aid requirements. When deciding how many employees to train keep in mind employees go on vacation, sick leave, work from home, leaving the work site during shift, shift changes, employees with restricted access to all areas of work operations and your first aider being the one injured.

It may take four or more employees per shift/work area to maintain compliance with OHS standards.

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